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crisis communication & issues management

The pace of change is rapid, unprecedented, and often unexpected. Whether it’s the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the energy crisis, or inflation, these developments are marked by unpredictability and speed. Added to this are major transformation forces of our era – sustainability, digitalisation, demographic change – that reshape familiar processes, create regulatory pressure to act, and fundamentally change organisations structurally and culturally. Under this pressure, organisations inevitably become more crisis-prone, and communication becomes significantly more challenging in terms of timing, content, and style.

From stakeholder conflicts and social media escalations, to orchestrated counter-campaigns, leaks regarding strategically sensitive projects, compliance violations, or geopolitical effects on your organisation, crises come in various forms. Each crisis takes on distinct dynamics, relevance, stakeholder environment, and timing. But they all have one thing in common: experienced, thoughtful, and structured crisis communication can establish clear contexts, reduce emotional tension, prevent further communicative mistakes, initiate credible change processes, and make your organisation more resilient in the long term.

Crisis Prevention & Management

We strategically prepare your organisation, in terms of content and readiness, for potential critical communication situations. We are your crisis-experienced sparring partners when it comes to anticipating and reducing communication risks at an early stage. In ad-hoc crisis situations, our seasoned crisis response team, with its well-rehearsed processes, ensures a rapid risk and situation analysis, along with established crisis management procedures for both internal and external communication.

Labour Relations

We make sure that no one is left behind. In light of challenging transformation processes and increasing socio-political crisis situations, working conditions and employee treatment have become significant matters for both reputation and potential conflicts. We support you in positioning yourself on labour market policy issues, guiding you through restructuring processes, and in resolving conflicts between employee and employer representatives.

Compliance & Litigation

We know defence. We love the offensive. Because that’s the only way you can score points. In the event of legal disputes or compliance procedures, a well-crafted and adaptable communication strategy is crucial, and – above all – you need reliable and responsive support. Every word is carries significant weight in such situations, whether in the public eye, media, or political arena, and can impact negotiations and your reputation. We provide expert guidance on handling public rumours and offer support through targeted campaigns, ensuring a continuous and strong communication presence throughout your legal disputes, examination processes, and investigative procedures.

Our experts for your expedition

Cornelius Winter

Principal Partner, CEO

Jan Böttger

Managing Partner, COO