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public affairs & regulatory issues

Regulatory framework conditions are in constant flux, a process further accelerated and influenced by digitalisation, demographic shifts, climate policies, geopolitical changes, and evolving communication dynamics. Entrepreneurial success depends decisively on reliable framework conditions, both in ongoing business operations and in investments in markets, infrastructure or production facilities.

With strategic planning, a keen understanding of your business model, appropriate thematic and sector-specific expertise, the necessary communication skills, and a robust network in politics and the pre-political arena, we accompany political legislative processes and regulatory decisions. In doing so, we show you the best paths in the multi-level governance system of EU, federal, state and local politics. Through close cooperation with legislators in the executive and legislative branches, as well as with research institutions, think tanks, media, and other influential stakeholders from civil society, we create predictability for your business models and investments in the future.

Legislative & Regulatory Strategy

Our advice empowers you to actively participate in shaping political and regulatory debates in Germany and Europe. Given the substantial transformation processes and overlapping crisis situations, the future viability and sustainability of many business models and organisations depends more than ever on the design of regulatory frameworks. We closely monitor political debates and regulatory planning on your behalf, deriving customised strategies aligned with your business and organisational model. These strategies enable you to contribute your expertise, interests, and proposed solutions to both public and political opinion-forming and to the downstream regulatory processes at the EU, federal, state, and local levels.

Stakeholder Strategies

We ensure recognisability and support within relevant public spheres. Stakeholder landscapes are not static: they evolve with their public, media, and political interests, depending on the topic at hand. We identify and qualify your influence groups according to their positions and possibilities of influence in regulatory processes to win promising supporters and strategic partnerships for you and your issue-specific concerns. We develop strategies and formats for sustainable political stakeholder dialogues, whether through solution-oriented individual discussions, powerful alliances, critically reflective dialogue series, or collaborative solution finding.

Competition & Antitrust Issues

We support you in the competition for more progress and for fair market conditions. Competition law issues are increasingly moving into the public spotlight, with policymakers stepping up their efforts to ensure fair competitive conditions and combat market power. In addition to questions of reputation, understanding the logic behind new business models and processes, it’s increasingly a question of reducing politically unintended effects  on your sector or organisation. To achieve this, we work with you to develop suitable strategies and formats for engaging in political dialogue and supporting regulatory processes.

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