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transformation & change

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, new mobility concepts, and new sources of raw materials demand a shift in perspective across many economic sectors, in politics, and throughout society. Business models are changing. The world of work is also reinventing itself. Yesterday’s qualifications no longer fit the demands of tomorrow. New political solutions and social dialogues are needed. Nothing is more constant than change, yet it often creates uncertainties, raises critical questions, leads to misinterpretations, and can even erode trust, both internally and externally.

Our role is to communicate your transformation and change processes in an easily understandable manner. We diligently support you and work to enhance the likelihood of acceptance from your stakeholders through compelling arguments, dialogue, and collaboration. From executive coaching to leadership and strategy development, internal communication and implementation processes, mediation and conflict resolution methodologies to stakeholder dialogues, we offer you a diverse and situation-appropriate set of tools.

Restructuring & Organisational  Transformation

We know both the rational and emotional sides of communication. We prepare you to handle every situation and ensure that you always exercise the appropriate discretion. Effectively communicating unpopular and sometimes painful decisions, whether within your organisation or to the public, represents one of the most demanding facets of communication.

We guide organisations through challenging change processes. This involves developing communication and stakeholder scenarios, preparing you for them, and adapting to unforeseeable developments with structured communication processes on an ad hoc basis. Change takes time, which is why we provide ongoing support for your transformation initiatives through continuous internal and external dialogue processes.

New Work & Cultural Change

We support you in driving change in the right direction and activating the necessary success factors. Social change is transforming work cultures, values, and methods of cooperation. We accompany organisations in their communication challenges, identifying positioning opportunities and solutions for the workplace of the future. Additionally, we provide support in human resources development and recruiting, especially in the dialogue and interaction between employer and employee representatives, thereby addressing the shortage of skilled workers.

Internal Communication

Good internal communication offers numerous advantages for organisational success. These include early conflict resolution, the identification of necessary change processes, garnering acceptance and decision support, and harnessing the communicative impact of your employees to authentically disseminate messages to their communities and circles of friends. We assist you in conceiving new communication channels, developing appropriate formats, and crafting relevant and creative content to ensure continuous engagement and information dissemination among your employees. Together, we develop strategies that authentically engage your employees.

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