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dialogue strategies & campaigning

In a highly diverse and dynamic media and stakeholder landscape, creating recognisability and acceptance for your messages, positions, and information offers demands finely-tuned communication tools and credible dialogue offerings. You must be able to address target groups precisely according to their media usage behaviour and authentically within their socio-political environments.

In keeping with the “365” in our name, we know that campaigning and dialogue strategies are a continual communication effort, operating 365 days a year, around the clock. Communication must be responsive to current developments, stakeholder needs, or crisis situations. Our campaigns and dialogue series are orchestrated with agility and foresight, catering to the requirements of  companies, associations, NGOs, or institutions.

Campaigning & Advocacy Strategies

We help your relevant concerns to be heard, understood, and supported. Effective communicative integration and mobilisation of affected social actors provide political concerns with additional credibility and authenticity. Through high-profile information and mobilisation campaigns, or focused advocacy strategies with members or staff, we help empower the supporters of your concerns by giving them a voice in front of politicians and in the public discourse.

Strategic Partnerships

We climb together to reach higher peaks. Bundled expertise and a supporting reputation increase the perception and relevance of arguments, positions, and demands. Strategic partnerships validate a sustainable position and multi-perspective approach, garnering support from various stakeholders and facilitating efficient integration into the political process. We identify suitable partners for you, develop dialogue platforms, and offer effective joint communication offers.

Stakeholder Dialogue

Sustainable solutions and groundbreaking innovations rarely emerge from isolation. It’s only through the active participation, creativity, and expertise of different perspectives from society, science, politics, and business that lead to better decisions in the face of complex challenges. We specialise in developing and organising stakeholder dialogues that accompany debates, drive change, and inform legislative processes to build trust in sensitive situations and collaboratively shape viable solutions.

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