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We advise with enthusiasm, empathy, and common sense. We believe that only with courage, passion, and foresight can effective change be brought about, and new paths be taken. We are looking for people who fit us and with whom we fit. Who bring their knowledge and experience to our expeditions as well as their curiosity and willingness to learn. Who are enthusiastic about new paths and tricky tasks, about their team and the clients who place their trust in us. Who devote themselves to routine tasks with the same professionalism and reliability as to the creative and unusual tasks that our joint work offers every day – for newcomers to the profession as well as for experienced consultants.


* mit Sternchen versehene Felder sind Pflichtfelder

entry and ascent

With a dedicated team of experienced and specialised consultants, we support companies, associations, and institutions in strategy development as well as in all success-relevant processes of communication around politics, media, and society. Our entry and career opportunities are:
Your ascent with 365 Sherpas

As an intern, you will gain insights into the different consulting fields and diverse activities of our day-to-day business. You will get to know the workflows and processes of a political-strategic communications consultancy and be a fully-fledged member of the consultancy team. You will be close to the clients and their issues and will be present at all relevant meetings and appointments. You will receive regular feedback on your work and take part in selected internal training courses that take place during your internship.

Following your studies, preferably with a focus on political science, communication, economics or law and initial work experience in the areas of political-social communication or media work/journalism, you will start with us as a Junior Associate.

You are a permanent member of our consulting team from the very beginning and get to know political-strategic communication consulting on a practical level. You will be involved in several client mandates and gradually take on more and more responsibility. With the help of our Sherpas Academy training package for newcomers, further individual training, Sherpas mentoring and regular feedback, you will develop your professional skills and build on your personal strengths. After twelve months as a junior associate, you will be promoted to associate and thus take on further responsibility.

As an associate, you will have at least one year of professional experience in the fields of political-strategic communication, PR or journalism. As a permanent member of several client teams, you will gradually take on more responsibility for the content and conceptual work in your projects and implement your first consultancy projects independently.

The focus is always on the further development of your individual strengths and competences in order to learn more about the tools of political-strategic communication consulting and to develop in-depth professional expertise in individual sectors, consulting fields and communication disciplines. At the same time, you take part in the Sherpas Academy’s further training courses and in individual training sessions.

As a Senior Associate, you will have at least two to three years of professional experience in politics, public affairs consulting, corporate communications, media relations or journalism and the necessary skills in the various communication disciplines.

You lead a client team in a process-, target- and value-oriented manner and are responsible for the content-related and conceptual work of your team as well as for maintaining client relationships. With regular impulses, you contribute to the continuous development and external positioning of 365 Sherpas.

The Sherpas Academy offers you support for your development with its extensive range of internal and external training courses as well as individual training.

As an associate director, you have several years of professional experience in politics, public affairs consulting, corporate communications, media relations or journalism. You are proficient in various communication disciplines as well as all relevant PA and PR instruments.

You are responsible for one or more clients and key consulting areas of the agency and manage complex projects and the corresponding teams independently with full budget responsibility. You have personnel responsibility within the project teams and take on initial management responsibility for junior associates and associates. You will take part in the Sherpas Academy’s further training programme and in individual

As a director, you have many years of professional experience in a consultancy agency, an institution, a company or an association in the field of political-social communication or media relations. You are proficient in various communication disciplines, all relevant PA/PR instruments and have in-depth knowledge of the conception, implementation and management of campaigns and communication measures.

You are responsible for several clients and key consulting areas of the agency and lead your teams in a process- and goal-oriented manner. You have responsibility for new business, clients, budgets and personnel and, with your methodological and technical expertise, you provide significant impetus for the further development of 365 Sherpas. As a member of our leadership team, you will either choose the management track or you will be co-responsible as a topic expert for the expansion of consulting fields and competencies as well as business development.

In order to give you the best possible support and encouragement on your track, we offer you a tailor-made senior training programme in the Sherpas Academy.

the sherpas academy

Training packages per level

Mentorings and feedback talks

Individually tailored special trainings

Open exchange formats for knowledge sharing

In order to promote and support you on your track in the best possible way, we offer you our own Sherpas Academy with a further training programme tailored to your needs. Here you will receive support for your personal development through an extensive range of internal and external training courses as well as individual training. This also involves learning further tools of political and strategic communication consulting and developing in-depth professional expertise in individual sectors, consulting fields and communication disciplines. With the help of the Sherpas Academy, Sherpas mentoring and regular feedback sessions, you will further develop your professional skills and build on your personal strengths.

All offers of our Sherpas Academy follow the camp logic. At the beginning, all employees receive the same equipment for the ascent. This includes: Diversity training, feedback training and our mentoring programme. Depending on your entry level, you will then receive your personal training package for your further development – whether as a newcomer or director. We support all employees individually and according to their needs. The training courses cover the areas of presentation, project management, conception, strategy, creativity techniques, storytelling, AI, leadership coaching, mental health hacks, workshop & facilitation training and much more.

Looking for the next ascent?



As your employer, we are there for you – with all the benefits you need.

Permanent contract

Hybrid working

Bonus programme from Junior Level


Company pension scheme

Company ticket for public transport or subsidy for company bicycle

Employee discount for Urban Sports Club

pme Familienservice Employee Assistance

Further education and training at the Sherpas Academy

Trained colleagues as mental first aiders

And yes: a creative working environment in Kreuzberg – right on the river Spree 😉

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For further information feel free to contact:

Director People & Organisation

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For further information regarding our internships in Berlin und Brussels please contact:

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You want to be part of our expedition team and would like to apply?

The best way to send us your application is directly via our application form for the respective job advertisement, or alternatively by e-mail to You will then receive a confirmation of receipt and we will get back to you within two weeks at the latest.

If your application has aroused our curiosity, we will arrange an initial meeting with two colleagues from our management team at short notice, either in person or by video call.

If both sides would like to continue the application process after the first meeting, we will arrange another interview with you. For this purpose, we will send you a case about three days in advance, with the request that you prepare possible solutions and then briefly present them in the second, then in any case personal, interview at the beginning. In this interview you will also get to know other colleagues and our partner team.

When applying for an internship, there is (only) one interview, which takes place via video call with our internship officers.