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corporate reputation & leadership strategies​

Your reputation is our driving force. Strategic and operational excellence is our aspiration – and this has been the case since 365 Sherpas was founded. Together with our clients, we collaborate on leadership strategies and positioning that create positive and influential reputations for their organisations, their topics, and the people involved. Our clients operate in complex socio-political, transformative, and competitive environments ranging from geopolitical to local relevance. We help them to focus this complexity on what is essential and relevant. Our experts work in specialised teams, from local to transatlantic, on communicative and corporate strategic positioning issues and their implementation.

Corporate Strategy ​& Positioning​

Our strategies and concepts set you on your path to the summit. We understand that entrepreneurial success requires navigating complex influencing factors. We specialise in subjecting your business strategies to socio-political due diligence to seize opportunities and mitigate risks at an early stage. The same goes for significantly increasing the enforceability of your strategies through recognisable and credible positioning in dialogue with your stakeholder groups.

Impact & ESG Consulting​

We guide you from obligation to creative freedom. Impact and ESG communication rely on credibility and verifiability. To ensure that today’s communication doesn’t turn into tomorrow’s risk, we support you in translating your commitment into sustainable communication. We constantly monitor dynamic regulatory developments, reporting requirements, and the expectations of your stakeholders.

Geopolitical Analysis​ & Strategy​

We help you navigate change, making the turning point manageable. Strategic corporate decisions must anticipate political, economic, and social dynamics at the global level. Whether you operate in Europe, the transatlantic region, or the Indo-Pacific, we ensure that you maintain an overview of business-relevant developments that are critical to success in key regions worldwide. We review your strategies using various scenarios and logical analysis, and provide you with promising communication approaches that will ensure public acceptance in light of geopolitical developments.

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