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Daniel Wixforth, born 1986 in Bielefeld, studied media science, modern and contemporary history, music science and cultural and media management in Berlin. He then completed a PhD programme at the Free University Berlin, writing his thesis on the subject of the Europeanisation of the political public in digital network media. International research collaborations have taken him abroad to cities such as New York and Istanbul.

As a student Daniel spent several years working as a freelance cultural affairs editor for the ‘Tagesspiegel’ newspaper.

In 2010 Daniel embarked on his career at STEG Kommunikation und Beratung, an agency founded by the former deputy spokesman for the German government, Dr Thomas Steg. Daniel was responsible for clients in the energy, telecommunications and health sectors, as well as for political analyses and writing speeches for people in politics and business.

In 2014 Daniel published his thesis on the subject of ‘Das Netzwerk bin ich! Zur Konstruktion eines adäquaten Modells digitaler europäischer Öffentlichkeit‘ and co-edited the book ‘Wahlkampf digital. Was Wählerinnen und Wähler suchen und was die Parteien anbieten’. In the summer term 2018 he took on a public affairs teaching assignment for at Hanover University.

Daniel joined 365 Sherpas in spring 2014 and is now managing director.


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