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Wiebke Junge, born in Hamburg in 1991, moved to Austria after finishing high school and taking a year abroad in Canada for her BA in political science at the University of Vienna. She undertook study trips to Cuba and New York and focused on international politics, international organisations and eastern Europe. Wiebke transferred to the London School of Economics (LSE) to do her master’s degree in EU politics, specialising in international relations. Her course included numerous consulting workshops, and she first encountered the EU institutions and public affairs sector in Brussels on a study trip.

As a BA undergraduate she gained her first work experience during a placement at the State Ministry for Urban Development and the Environment in Hamburg, and at an international organisation in Vienna. Immediately after finishing her master’s programme she took on the role of parliamentary assistant at the Austrian parliament in Vienna, where she was mainly involved in the areas of health and social policy.

Wiebke has been an associate at 365 Sherpas in Vienna since May 2018.


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