Roman Godau is director at the 365 Sherpas – Corporate Affairs & Policy Advice Berlin office.

Since joining 365 Sherpas – Corporate Affairs & Policy Advice in 2016 he has been advising institutions and companies in all sectors of industry on strategic positioning and responsible lobbying in Germany and the EU. He specialises in internal affairs and economic policy.

Roman started out his career at the German Bundestag in 2008 with German MP Ralf Göbel, before accepting a position as research assistant with Stephan Mayer MP, former spokesperson for the CSU regional party organisation on internal affairs, legal affairs, cultural affairs and volunteering. He managed the office of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group’s internal affairs spokesperson between 2013 and 2016, when he moved to 365 Sherpas – Corporate Affairs & Policy Advice.

Roman studied political science in Berlin after completing an armed forces officer training programme. His main subjects were security policy, international relations and political theory. As a student Roman worked as a history of political ideologies tutor at the Free University of Berlin. He speaks German and English.


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