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Katharina Korczok, born in 1990 in Leverkusen, completed her bachelor’s degree in European Studies at the Dutch Maastricht University and the Science Po, in Rennes, France. Her focus was on democratization processes in EU member states and twinning states as well as on international relations in the European area.

In her master’s degree in Political Communication, for example, she examined the influence of party positions on electoral successes of niche parties. In her thesis she captured the effect of right-wing populist parties on the satisfaction of democracy among the European population.

In addition to her studies, she gained numerous practical experience in various editorial offices and agencies. As a student assistant, she was responsible for the editorial support of an energy portal. After completing her master’s thesis, she worked for six months as a consultant at the Adverb agency, where she assisted various associations in a communicative and political manner.

Katharina Korczok has been working as an associate at 365 Sherpas in Berlin since November 2018.


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