Joachim Kurz is a senior associate at 365 Sherpas Consulting GmbH in Vienna.

He is team leader with responsibility for the management and development of the Vienna office and advises clients in all sectors of industry on strategic positioning and lobbying in a regulatory policy environment.

Between 2014 and 2017, before moving to 365 Sherpas Consulting GmbH, he worked as a junior consultant and consultant at pantarhei corporate advisors, providing guidance to corporate clients and public institutions on strategic and operational communications. Joachim stepped onto the career ladder in 2012 at peritia communications in Brussels, moving to the Respekt.net crowdfunding platform in 2013 as project scout/ innovation assistant.

Joachim read journalism, communication studies and political science at Vienna University. He majored in European and US politics and international communication. During his time as a student Joachim gained work and project experience as a PR copywriter at the Kleinen Zeitung newspaper (Graz), in the “Mass Media and Elections” project, which was implemented by the Austrian Academy of Sciences‘ Institute for Comparative Media and Communication Studies, and in the United Nations News Information Service’s (Vienna) Media Relations Unit.

He wrote dissertations on the European Commission’s “HELP – for a life without tobacco” campaign (2009, bachelor’s degree in journalism and communication studies) and “Agenda Shaping Strategies of Austrian Political Parties at EU Level” (2012, diploma in political science).

Joachim speaks German and English and has a good working knowledge of French.


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