Joachim Kurz is an associate director at 365 Sherpas Consulting GmbH in Vienna.

He advises clients from various sectors of industry on issues of lobbying and communication with stakeholder groups in a regulatory policy environment. His particular expertise lies in strategy development, digital public affairs, crisis- and risk communication.

Joachim Kurz has a degree in political and communication science (University of Vienna) and has been part of 365 Sherpas since 2017. He is responsible for the expansion of the Vienna location. His previous professional positions led him to peritia communications (Brussels), the crowdfunding platform Respekt.net (Vienna), pantarhei corporate advisors (Vienna) and various internships in the scientific, diplomatic and media fields.

Joachim Kurz voluntarily heads the Digital Public Affairs working group in the ÖPAV and is a member of the board of the Steirer Association in Vienna. He speaks German and English and has in-depth basic knowledge of French.