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Jan Böttger specialises in the development of political communication strategies, and in issue and stakeholder management for corporate enterprises, associations and institutions.

He graduated from the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena with a master’s degree in media studies, political science and psychology. During his time at university he worked at a German MP’s constituency office and played an active role in a national election campaign. He also initiated the first student congress for political communication in Germany and was one of the editors of the anthology ‘Trends der Politischen Kommunikation’ (Trends in Political Communication).

In 2004 Jan’s professional career began at Media Consulta, where he was responsible for the development of both national and European campaigns. Between 2005 and 2014 he held various positions at Ketchum Pleon (PLEON Kohtes Klewes), ultimately as regional director at the Berlin office, where he was in charge of corporate and public affairs.

Jan is a lecturer at Quadriga University in Berlin, where he teaches strategic development, public affairs techniques and digital public affairs. He recently published the anthology ‘Wahlanalyse 2017. Strategie. Kampagne. Bedeutung.’ (Election Analysis 2017. Strategy. Campaign. Significance.).


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