Feri Thierry is Managing Partner of 365 Sherpas Consulting in Vienna.

With around 30 years of experience in the political field, he advises and supports companies, organizations and public institutions on political and strategic issues, in their advocacy and in the field of political communication. Feri Thierry has particular expertise in setting up and managing platforms and associations as well as in the strategic development and implementation of political campaigns.

Thierry has been working as a political advisor in Vienna since 2004. His professional activities included public affairs projects for large companies, SMEs and NGOs as well as political communication for ministries or other institutions in the public sector. He took over management or strategy advice from a total of twelve election campaigns at federal, state and local level.

Feri Thierry is the initiator and founding president of the Austrian Public Affairs Association (ÖPAV), led a master’s course in public affairs and is a lecturer on specialist topics. He is the editor of the anthology “Political Consulting in Austria”, co-author of “Compliance in Public Affairs” and developed the idea and concept for “republik”, the industry magazine for the public sector in Austria. For ten years he was the owner and managing director of Thierry Political Consulting (then one of the largest agencies on the market), then from 2013 to 2016 he was responsible for its development and strategic communication as federal manager of the Austrian parliamentary party NEOS and then returned to political consulting. Feri Thierry has been on board at 365 Sherpas since January 2020.

Before 2004, the native of Vienna had worked in numerous voluntary political functions for almost 15 years and for a few months also in the European Parliament. Feri Thierry speaks German and English as well as Hungarian and has a basic knowledge of French.


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