Darija H. Bräuniger is a senior associate at the 365 Sherpas – Corporate Affairs & Policy Advice Berlin office.

Since joining 365 Sherpas – Corporate Affairs & Policy Advice in September 2016 she has been advising institutions and companies in the technology, finance and commerce sectors on strategic positioning and responsible lobbying in Germany and the EU. She specialises in digital policy and digital communication.

Outside the workplace Darija H. Bräuniger is involved in a federal committee, a member of the FDP party’s regional executive committee and deputy chairperson of the liberal digital policy association LOAD e.V.

Darija’s first job was with the German Retail Federation (HDE). After completing an internship, she was taken on by the HDE as a full-time e-commerce consultant and later helped to set up the federation’s digitalisation and digital policy department. Her responsibilities included positioning the HDE on digital issues and the development of a digital policy communication strategy. She also advised the HDE on its presence on social networks.

Darija gained a bachelor’s degree in media management in Berlin, and a master’s degree in public affairs and lobbying in London. As a student she did work experience at the German Embassy in Moscow, the European Parliament in Brussels and at the European Federation of Magazine Publishers (EMMA) in Brussels. She speaks German, English and Russian.


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