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Who We Are

Pioneer & Companion

365 Sherpas is a political and strategic consultancy for companies and institutions. Our work begins far in advance of a public communication and focuses on the areas of corporate affairs and policy advice. As part of the Hirschen Group, we work closely with an experienced network of experts in several fields — campaigning, digital communications, dialogue, and creative art.

Leadership is growing more complex. Internal acceptance is becoming more important.

365 Sherpas is strategically prepared — from basic planning at the base camp to the ascent of the summit of business or political success, augmented reputation, and message penetration. The way to the top is often a long one, sometimes arduous, and almost always a roller coaster of emotions. It helps to travel the road, from the start to the very end, with companions who know the route, who adapt themselves to their client, and who lead that client to the goal, safely and well-prepared.


We advise you with enthusiasm, sensitivity, and a healthy dose of common sense. Without courage and passion, sustainable change and carving out new paths are almost impossible to achieve.

Strategic consulting is not a one-time affair, but an ongoing process, around the clock and every day of the year. In an age of real-time communications and changing patterns of media use, the presentation of content and persons is not only gaining in importance; it is the core of the public dialogue management of leading figures in business, politics and other fields.

365 Sherpas stands ready to support their clients from the very beginning with all their experience, passion, and ability. They can be engaged individually or together. Together with the Hirschen Group, we provide a team of competence, creativity, and fighting spirit — uncomplicated, nonconformist, and with enthusiasm for what we do.

Why Sherpas?

The Sherpas are a people of the Himalayas who emigrated from Tibet to the central and southern Himalayan region around the year 1500. The name of this people is derived from Tibetan: “shar” means “east”, while “pa” means “People”.

Ever since British extreme sportsmen, explorers, and adventurers began hiring Sherpa men as Himalayan guides and bearers in the first half of the 20th century, the word “Sherpa” has often been used synonymously with “mountain expedition bearer”, often without knowledge of its original meaning. Sherpas impressed with their competence and performance — not only their physical strength, but also their spirit, demeanor, and courage. Within just a few years, they had earned themselves a sterling reputation among visitors to the highest mountains, and in particular Mount Everest.

Perhaps the most famous Sherpa is Tenzing Norgay (1914-1986), the partner of Sir Edmund Hillary in the latter’s expedition to Mount Everest in 1953, the first time man had set foot on its summit. Today, chief negotiators of a government are often referred to as “Sherpas” for the preparatory and guide work in which they engage.


The Heads of 365 Sherpas


Cornelius Winter

Principal Partner


Heiko Wiese

Managing Partner


Jan Böttger

Managing Partner


Klaus Harbers

Managing Director


Cornelia Göbel



Dr. Daniel Wixforth

Associate Director


Birthe März

Client Executive


Philip Kramme

Client Executive


Andrea Zerwes

Client Executive


Fiete Starck

Client Executive


Anita Dathan

Assistant to the management

[lightbox]Florian Teipel[/lightbox]

Florian Teipel

Client Executive


Sonja Ludwig

Manager Business Development

[lightbox]Angelika el Noshokaty[/lightbox]

Angelika el Noshokaty

Client Executive

[lightbox]Gunnar Matzen[/lightbox]

Gunnar Matzen


[lightbox]Antonia Meyer[/lightbox]

Antonia Meyer

Client Executive

[lightbox]Daniel Enke[/lightbox]

Daniel Enke

Associate Director

[lightbox]Ruben Siemers[/lightbox]

Ruben Siemers


" We're by your side - All the way to the top "

What We Do

Our Expertise

The consulting market is lacking focus on the strategic questions and the future for responsible lobbying and advocacy for business interests and dialogue-oriented communication in the political sphere. We are excited by political and communicative challenges. With our team of experienced and specialized generalists, we support our clients from the worlds of business and politics in critical situations.

Our basic idea, to advise decision-makers from business and government on communications planning from the very beginning, is not only required, but is decisive for the success and ongoing development of companies and institutions. The speed, intensity, and significance of communications processes is constantly increasing. Continuous strategic consulting on a basis of partnership and the development of uncomplicated, feasibility-oriented solutions are thus ever more important.


We are convinced that a capacity for dialogue is a key function for lasting success for decision-makers in politics and business. With our advisory services, we contribute to a better understanding and fair balancing of interests between affinity groups from the political and business spheres as well as the general public. This leads to better corporate and political decisions.

We believe that the dialogue between the business and political spheres and society as a whole is important to the functioning of our political system — and thus of our whole social system. The exchange of opinions, the understanding of different positions, the formulation and representation of interests, and the achieving of just compromises are at the core of this dialogue. We recognize our responsibility as advisors in this dialogue, and act accordingly. Transparency is the fundamental principle.

We believe that social developments and technical innovations present us with new challenges every day, just as they do decision-makers in the realms of business and politics. We are all a part of this development, and we understand corporate affairs and policy advice as accompanying a process. We know and manage these processes, and indicate paths and solutions. However, we know that we must constantly work on our own continuing development. Even though we contribute an outsider perspective, we consider ourselves part of your team, a partner and companion on the path to long-term success — all the way to the summit.

We believe that with our approach, we can help companies and political actors master their challenges. We know the decision-making structures, the processes, and the themes of the world of politics — but that’s not all. Fundamental to our self-image is our ability to unite our political expertise, knowledge with regards to the specific subject, and understanding of the company with our communications know-how. Only in this way can we strip away complexity, only in this way can we achieve the quality that sets us apart from our competitors. This is the only way in which we can accompany you on the difficult path to the summit. It’s what gets to the top that matters.


Scope of Services

[hashTitle]Strategy Consulting[/hashTitle]
[hashTooltip]Through formulating communications concepts or public affairs strategies, we enable our clients to sustainably communicate their strategically important core messages to decision-makers and the public at large.[/hashTooltip]

  • Personal consultation
  • Communications concepts
  • Strategic planning
  • Workshops
  • Coaching
  • Situational analyses

[hashTitle]Political Analyses[/hashTitle]
[hashTooltip]The analysis of political positions and developments is fundamental to identifying potential trends, risks, and developments. Well-founded political analyses are of great importance as a basis for decision-making in strategic lobbying and advocacy.[/hashTooltip]

  • Analysis of political positions
  • Risk analyses
  • Trend explorations
  • Force field analyses
  • Scenario analyses
  • Presentation of political processes

[hashTitle]Stakeholder management[/hashTitle]
[hashTooltip]The goal is to mediate between the various stakeholders and arrive at a fair compromise of interests.[/hashTooltip]

  • Analyses
  • Databases
  • Schedule coordination / Expert talks
  • Parliamentary evenings
  • Negotiation training
  • Round tables

[hashTooltip]We understand our task as participating cooperatively in shaping political decision-making processes and public opinion to promote sustainable change in the interest of all parties concerned.[/hashTooltip]

  • Project management
  • Recommendations
  • Representing interests on-site
  • Hearings
  • Expressing positions
  • Networking

[hashTitle]Content Development[/hashTitle]
[hashTooltip]We support you in precisely and professionally designing and communicating your products, ideas, and concepts. Only by adapting the contents you wish to communicate to the expectations and preferences of the audience can you reach your objectives.[/hashTooltip]

  • Research
  • Position papers
  • Opinions
  • Q&As
  • Statements
  • Correspondence

[hashTooltip]We offer you a new kind of monitoring: Qualified and annotated, while also taking into account digital communications platforms, we keep you informed of key political, economic, and societal processes.[/hashTooltip]

  • Research
  • Ad-hoc analyses
  • Creation of an information network
  • Reports
  • Background discussions
  • Visits to events

[hashTitle]Image/ Reputation[/hashTitle]
[hashTooltip]Reputation, as an intangible asset, comprises part of the value of an enterprise. Its loss is one of the biggest strategic risks a company can face. Through both professional crisis communication and a long-term communications strategy, we help you to maintain your reputation as a trustworthy and responsible partner.[/hashTooltip]

  • Developing messages
  • Developing formats
  • Building alliances
  • Consulting / Coaching
  • Digital PA
  • Concept development

[hashTooltip]We organize events, through which you can impart your content to customers, decision-makers, and multipliers from the fields of politics, business, and society.[/hashTooltip]

  • Parliamentary evenings
  • Company visits
  • Conferences
  • Political party conferences
  • Summer festivals
  • Expert forums